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About the template

Introducing the Travel Planner Template v3 - the ultimate tool for efficient and stress-free travel planning. This all-in-one tool is perfect for travelers looking to keep all their essential information organized and in one place.

With this template, you can easily record your emergency contact details, travel insurance information, and important to-do lists before you depart. The itinerary planning feature allows you to keep track of places you want to visit and plan your trip efficiently. Additionally, you can manage your budget by tracking your expenses with ease.

The comprehensive template is perfect for both frequent travelers and first-time explorers, helping you stay organized and make the most out of your travels. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple documents and hello to hassle-free travel planning with our Travel Planner Template.

What's inside?

→ Emergency Information: Keep all your emergency contact information in one place, including emergency contact, travel insurance information, embassy contact, and any other you would like to add.

→ To-do List: Stay organized by creating to-do lists for your trip, such as packing lists or things to do before you leave.

→ Itinerary Planning: Plan your trip itinerary by recording details about the places you want to visit, such as attractions, restaurants, and accommodations.

→ Expense Tracking: Keep track of your trip expenses, including transportation, accommodations, food, and activities.

With all these features in one place, the Travel Planner Template is the ultimate tool for efficient and stress-free travel planning. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, our template has got you covered.

🚀So, what are you waiting for? Get the Travel Planner for Notion today and start planning your next adventure with ease!🚀

How to use this?

  • After purchasing the template, you will be redirected to Notion.
  • Click on the "Duplicate" button located in the top right corner. This will duplicate the template to your Notion workspace.
  • Congratulations! You can now start using the template and make all the adjusments needed to fit your needs.


Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, once you've made your purchase, a link with be sent to you to duplicate this to your Notion workspace.

How easy is it to set up and customize?

If you're familiar with Notion, this will take you seconds. If not, maybe a fraction more to get comfortable with the interface. If you are not being able to use it feel free to contact me for further assistance.

Do you have a refund policy?

No, because this is a digital offering this product is non-refundable.

By obtaining the product, you agree to use it for personal use only, and not to share or distribute the content.

If you have any questions or feedback on how I can improve this template, feel free to contact me.

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Travel Planner

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